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Rogers Financial

Daniel Rogers, founder of Rogers Financial Corp, is an investment consultant operating in the licensed cannabis industry

Named one of the 20 most influential people in the cannabis industry by the International Business Times in 2015, Dan entered the regulated medical cannabis industry in early 2009 and co-founded Greenwerkz in Denver, Colorado. Greenwerkz was one of the early State of Colorado medical cannabis licensed businesses operating 2 cultivation facilities and 3 retail dispensaries. In 2010, Dan and 12 other licensed cannabis business owners formed the Medical Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) with Dan serving as a board member as well as chairman of theBanking subcommittee.

After Dan sold Greenwerkz, he later consulted for RiverRock Colorado one of the largest licensed medical cannabis cultivation operations in Colorado. During this time, Dan also served on the board of directors for Grow Condos Inc. a publicly traded company that specializes in commercial real estate focused on cannabis cultivation operations as well as a member of the board of directors for CannaSys Inc., a public company focused on technology solutions for regulated cannabis industry.

In 2017, Dan was the Chief Operating Officer for CHT Medical (now Liberty Health Sciences), one of the original 5 state medical cannabis licenses in Florida. During his time at CHT Medical, Dan oversaw the entire operations in launching one of the first Florida medical cannabis companies and obtaining their approval to cultivate, process and dispense medical cannabis to Florida patients.

Dan was an Advisory board member to Colorado Department of Public Health’s “Good to Know” education campaign which helped form the state’s message to not drive while under influence of cannabis.

Dan is a veteran, honorably discharged and was awarded a National Defense Service Medal. After his military service and prior to entering the regulated cannabis industry, Dan provided credit risk management services in the banking industry and completed a contract auditing at-risk banks in Puerto Rico. During this time, Dan obtained FDIC security clearance and performed business risk assessment to make recommendations for U.S. government insured loans. It is this experience in understanding business risk and working in complex regulatory environments that Dan has been able to successfully operate and maintain sound business practices.

In 2018, Dan was designated as CEO for Advanced Biomedics, the winning State of Louisiana cannabis license affiliated with Southern University. In total, Dan has been involved in 7 regulated cannabis states in an executive role.

Currently, Dan invests privately in cannabis companies across the U.S. and maintains advisory and board seats for cannabis and hemp related companies.

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